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The Democrats are running this new ad based on a

Remember the headlines after the 2004 election about how millions of voters pulled the lever based on moral issues such as abortion and gay marriage? This year, thanks to the economic problems, even those “values voters” care less about values. …Read More

In the past I’ve written that the basic dilemma for Moderate Evangelicals and centrist Catholics has been that they’re liberal on the war and other issues but conservative on the social issues. They’re reluctant to pull the lever for a …Read More

Based on the new Twelve Tribes study, there are three groups that hover in the middle: Whitebread Protestant, Moderate Evangelicals and Convertible Catholics. In some ways, they’re ripe targets for the Democrats in 2008: All of them have turned against …Read More

We tend to think of the campaign battles as being the quest for those on the middle of the political spectrum. But there’s another place candidates forage. The very Republican and very Democratic groups nonetheless have dissenters in their midst. …Read More

Because it was a trend spotted early in the campaign, analysts have stopped talking about it. But if Obama wins, one of the main reasons may be a massive shift in the Latino vote. In 2004, Bush won 45% of …Read More

This should certainly not be deemed a definitive account but does seem to be plausible enough to justify a question being posed to Palin. By the way, dear readers, if it’s true that she thinks Pebbles and Deeno really did …Read More

When we look back, it may turn out that one of the most important, and brillaint strategic moves of the campaign, was when Obama asked the debate commission to have the first encounter be about foreign policy. Remember, the commission …Read More

We’re all supposed to take it as a given that Barack Obama’s strong suit is the economy and weak spot is foreign policy.We heard that all weak and after the debate. The opposite is true. Obama is stronger on foreign …Read More

Just saw a screening of Religulous. I’ll write more in a separate post but in general it was funny, offensive, slippery, and more challenging than I expected. By the way, I’m proud to say that Beliefnet itself is a direct …Read More