Among the interesting bits in the new Pew poll is the finding that conservatives fear there’s too much religion in politics. In 2004, 30% said churches should stay out of politics. Now, 50% do. Among white evangelicals, the percentage jumped from 28% up to 39%
Why? The cynical interpretation might be that conservatives don’t like Obama playing the faith card. Suddenly, when a Democrat is using religion as a prop, it’s unseemly.

But just as likely, this is a reflection of a genuine disillusionment among conservatives about what political involvement has actually gotten them. As the Evangelical Manifesto, produced in May by a group of leading Christians put it: “Whichever side it comes from, a politicized faith is faithless, foolish and disastrous for the church.”
In other words, while moderates and liberals fear that church involvement in politics hurts politics, some religious conservatives have increasingly come to feel it hurts Christ.
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