I’ll write more tomorrow about the day’s events which included a bunch of faith related events. It’s really quite striking how much more faith-related talk there is this time compared to 2004.
I’m watching to the intro film about Michelle Obama. Forgive my stream of consciousness.
A father who went to work every day even though he has multiple sclerosis. Amazing..
The ice cream story utterly charming. Very 1950s.
Michelle’s brother now:
Allowed only one hour of television a night but also memorized each episode of the Brady Bunch. >>>Shows conservative family values.

Neither of her parents went to college.
“values she’s instilled in her daughters”
The sole reason Michelle campaigned was that mom could take care of the girls >> i.e. Michelle a good mom
They must have determined that this line about how they gave up the opportunities to make a lot of money must play well ’cause they sure mention it a lot.
Dad said you could tell what person by what kind of sportsman — very mainstream American. Ditto on the basketball analysis
10:37 Michelle’s speech — “I’ve felt his presence at every grace filled moment.” (Faithful)
Why is she going on about her borther, and as a wife? In part because they’ve concluded that his wholesome family is crucial for appealing to Christians. This is all about establishing a serious sense of “family values.”
Parents pouring their love — seems very genuine
His family was so much like mine. He was raised by “working class folks” and “scrimped and saved”
“you work hard for what you want. Your word is your bond. You treat people with dignity and repsect even if you dont agree with them.”
limits of your dreams? “How hard you work.’ All about establishing the Obama’s as This
Again, with the fact that he worked in the community of wall street.
America a place where “you can make it if you try.” Hard work, hard work.
This is geared toward rebutting the idea that the Obamas are alien, un-American and full of grievance. Very effective.
The military families who say grace at night with an empty seat at the table” — respect for uniform, and reminder of faith at the heart of family life
She sure is better than John Kerry’s wife!
10:46 “that is why I love this country.” Gets a standing ovation. Very patriotic — grateful, hopeful, not angry.
Offering her decision to go into community service as example of her love of country — that she wanted to give back to the country that has given her so much.
Is it possible that the Hillary folks will fall in love with Michelle enough to take the leap toward Barack?
Another theme — “bringing us together” …the thread that connects us.
Another theme — “fighting for people like them”
Important thematic meats on the bones — moving from vague “change” theme to something a bit more specific: Family values, American dream, Fighting for the Common Man.
Closes with God Bless You and God Bless America.
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