I’m sitting in Invesco Stadium. Just heard Al Gore’s speech. It was actually less impactful being in this stadium than being indoors. There’s something about the vastness of the stadium that makes it much less intimate. The jumbotrons are father away, the sounds bit more muffled….
Gore’s best line: “The same policies all over again? Hey, I believe in recycling, but that’s ridiculous.”
Ok – I have to admit when I first heard the announcer introduce a few generals, I thought, oh here we go again. Kerry did the same thing. But the sheer number of generals and admirals actually was pretty impressive. If memory serves, Kerry tried the same thing but had to settle for some lower ranked officers to fill out the stage….

Having regular people speak is risky. It’s one of those ideas that sounds good – you know, illustrate real problems with real people – but it usually doesn’t work because, well, speaking to a stadium is hard. But, hat’s off to the Obama scouts. Each one of these people seem like characters – feisty and authentic. These people are better speakers than most of the politicians we’ve seen this week
The only one who didn’t seem as good was this fellow Barney Smith, from Indiana. But then we heard why he was selected: “America needs a president who will put Barney Smith ahead of Smith Barney….”

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