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August 2008 Archives

The TV networks are talking about the great disruption that Hurricane Gustav has caused the poor Republicans. Oh please! This is great news for McCain. His main dilemma this week was how to distance himself from the Bush administration given …Read More

Evangelicals Christians exerted enormous influence on McCain’s decision — for better or worse. John McCain had wanted to appoint Joe Lieberman, his close friend, but religious conservatives protested so vehemently that McCain felt he couldn’t go that way, The New …Read More

Have we ever had an ex-Catholic on a major presidential ticket? I can’t think of any. Palin was Baptised as a Cahtolic and later became an evangelical Protestant. This will thrill evangelicals (quite a few of which are ex-Catholics) but …Read More

The always-shrewd Jeff Weiss at the Dallas Morning Newsy characterizes her as a post-denominational Christian. Doug Weed, a Bush friend, notes that Palin not only helps with evangelicals but with Pentecostals in particular, who have been especially cool to McCain. …Read More

The campaign (and pundits) seem to think picking Palin will pick up disaffected Hillary voters. I doubt it. Let’s think about who the Hillary voters are. First, some are ardent feminists, furious with the rejection of a highly qualified woman. …Read More

For those who believe that God changes the weather to shape events, it might have seemed that He was favoring the Democrats when He ignored the prayer requests of those who beseeched him to rain on Barack Obama’s Invesco field …Read More

The Democratic convention displayed two new modes of public Christian prayer. Recall that Franklin Graham was criticized for closing his prayer at George W. Bush’s first inaugural by saying: “Now, O Lord, we dedicate this presidential inaugural ceremony to you. …Read More

Several surprises: All week we’d been hearing that surrogates needed to attack McCain because the Obama needed to remain positive. Turns out he’s tougher on McCain that most of the previous speakers Republicans had tried to make him and his …Read More

I’m sitting in Invesco Stadium. Just heard Al Gore’s speech. It was actually less impactful being in this stadium than being indoors. There’s something about the vastness of the stadium that makes it much less intimate. The jumbotrons are father …Read More

Joel Hunter, a self-described Republican evangelical, is doing the closing prayer tonight. I bumped into him at Invesco before the festivities began, and asked him how he prepared. He called Billy Graham, he said. The ailing evangelist, said he thought …Read More