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I was stunned by what was not in the letter from 50 Catholic groups asking the Pope to reconsider the church position opposing contraception. They argued that failing to promote contraception “has had a catastrophic impact on the poor and […]

The Democratic Party for years has yearned for an energetic religious wing. Seeing the power that the religious right brought the Republicans, Democratic leaders realized that if they wanted to build a majority they would need to attract people of […]

As I continue to seek an explanation for the sharp and sudden rise in the acceptability of out-of-wedlock birth and divorce, I came across a post from talented conservative radio personality Al Mohler. He noted a recent OK! magazine cover […]

Ed Kilgore has very interesting post about Tim Kaine over at Progressive Revival. Ed makes a persuasive case about why the Virginia governor would be an excellent running mate for Obama (he’s now considered a leading candidate). Ed cites Kaine’s […]

For the past 25 years, as the religious right has grown in influence, people would ask: where is the religious left? Well, looking at the All Star roster of religious leaders, writers and activists, we can clearly see that intellectually […]

He says it was a prank.

McCain’s visit with the Dalai Lama strikes me as pretty clever politics. By meeting with the Dalai Lama, and calling on China to release Tibetan prisoners, he then got himself criticized by China – which can only win him votes […]

To steal a man’s prayer is despicable. To publish it is equally despicable, but one can understand that a basically secular newspaper might give in to that temptation. But for Beliefnet to put it up is just unbelievably crass. –Clasqm […]

The estimable Mark Silk chastises Time correspondent Joe Klein for his belief that the root of Rev. John Hagee’s support of Israel is End Times theology. “The simple and straightforward basis of evangelical support of Israel lies in Abraham’s covenant […]

A recent New York Times graphic had a few stunning stats about changes in public opinion since 2001 according to Gallup surveys. Out of Wedlock Birth — The majority of the public now believes that it’s morally acceptable for babies […]