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The few of us who argued over the years that Democrats would be wise to court evangelicals were usually told that such a strategy was a waste of time and resources. Those pro-life, anti-gay “fundamentalists” would never vote Democratic. Barack …Read More

We often look at the religious landscape in binary terms – believers vs. nonbelievers, churchgoers vs. atheists, the “religious” vs. “secularists”. It’s time too add a new group: “pious but not religious.” For a while now, some pollsters have tracked …Read More

Buried in the spectacularly deep new U.S. Religious Landscape Survey are some statistics of great interest to politicos, especially on the three big religion-and-politics questions of 2008. The God Gap Is Gone — In past elections the most religious voters …Read More

My take on ABCNews on James Dobson’s attack against Barack Obama.

For someone who is both a religion junkie and a numbers junkie, the fabulous new Pew Religious Landscape survey has left me a bit giddy. Every page tells an amazing story. Eventually, we’ll parse this more thematically but for now …Read More

The drumbeat for Jim Webb continues. Sunday’s New York Times featured his photo as one of a prominent name mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick for Barack Obama. A story in the Wall Street Journal highlights the important role …Read More

The excitement among Democrats about James Webb, the Senator from Virginia, is understandable. Having a Vietnam-war-hero-turned- Reagan-administration-official-turned-Iraq-War foe on the ticket would lend Barack Obama a stiff dose of military experience, not to mention manly toughness. But most speculation about …Read More

Conventional wisdom holds that John McCain is struggling to win evangelical voters. Evangelical leader Mark DeMoss predicted last week that he’d run weaker than any Republican since 1976, and a front page New York Times piece detailed the evangelical malaise. …Read More

Dear Readers– Due to a planned technical upgrade taking place on Wednesday June 11th, the Beliefnet Blogs will not display any new content, and commenting will be disabled. We aim to be back up and running by the end of …Read More

Crunchy raises an excellent question in response to my earlier post. If that’s true — and it sounds plausible to me — that does not make me feel any better about Obama’s moral reasoning. How does one get around the …Read More