So based on the results yesterday, we can see that Hillary Clinton wins among working class, less educated, whites, union members, Catholics, the economically suffering and rural voters, and Barack Obama wins among affluent, well educated, independent and African Americans.
Oh, except for the fact that in Oregon, Obama won….
Whites (Obama 57%, Clinton 43%)
Voters with less than $50,000 in income (Obama 53%, Clinton 46%)
People with no college degree (Obama 51%, Clinton 48%)

Union households (Obama 62%, Clinton 37%)
Catholics (Obama 51%, 49%)
People who attend church weekly or more (Obama 57%, Clinton 42%)
Rural voters (Obama 52%, Clinton 46%)
Voters who said the recession has affected them “a great deal” (Obama 55%, Clinton 45%)
Other than that, the stereotype is entirely true.

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