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Below is John Hagee’s speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in 2007. Listen to the rousing reception. He’s been repeatedly been honored for supporting Israel. The question is: how do Jews feel about Hagee now that they have …Read More

The New York Times Magazine published an interesting piece this week about how Sen. John McCain’s Vietnam experience has shaped his Iraq policy. But it left out a highly salient factor: His father. Sen. McCain told the reporter, Matt Bai, …Read More

It’s true Oregon has an unusually high percentage of people who say they’re unaffiliated or not religious, and Obama did very well with that group (a point emphasized by William Schneider last night on CNN). One imagines a massive movement …Read More

In the past few primaries, pollsters have spliced the numbers so we could see to what extent white voters said race was an important factor in their vote. Below, the first number is the percent of white voters who said …Read More

So based on the results yesterday, we can see that Hillary Clinton wins among working class, less educated, whites, union members, Catholics, the economically suffering and rural voters, and Barack Obama wins among affluent, well educated, independent and African Americans. …Read More

Last night, CNN’s William Schneider said Obama won Oregon because it’s “very well educated state.” Everyone talks as if there are two basic educational categories: high school graduates and college graduates, with the former going for Clinton and the latter …Read More

In case you couldn’t read the fine print on the faith-based pamphlet Barack Obama is distributing in Kentucky, here’s the key line (next to the big headline “COMMITTED CHRISTIAN”): “Obama forged a profound connection with the people of these communities …Read More

My “diavlog” with former White House official Pete Wehner, over at the excellent website, Bloggingheads, including some chat about Obama’s potential appeal to evangelicals and McCain’s troubles with them:

Reprinted from Wall Street Journal Online. While Barack Obama was trying to vanquish Hillary Clinton, John McCain has been focused on a challenging target of his own: religious conservative voters. He’s always had a mixed relationship with evangelicals, heretofore a …Read More

Two posts (from, where my post was originally printed) that typify the coming debate in the evangelical community: My Dad is a Southern Baptist Minister and my mother is also highly conservative. They are dedicated and excited Obama supporters. …Read More