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February 2008 Archives

Those of you who got sneak-peek copies of my book, Founding Faith, may have seen the note on the inside cover that Beliefnet will be hosting an exciting area collecting the most interesting and important writings from the Founding Fathers …Read More

Two posts in the comment box capture what I was talking about in my item about Romney and evangelicals: “You are right, Evengelicals (which I am) would vote for a non-Evangelical Christian. Remember Ronald Reagan? “But when it comes to …Read More

Some might think that Romney lost evangelicals because he wasn’t Christian enough. I think it’s the other way around. He acted too Christian. Romney believed that to win the nomination he had to win over evangelical Christians. He figured the …Read More

Did Romney lose many votes because he’s a Mormon? Here’s a data point: the online survey Beliefnet did a couple of weeks ago asked evangelicals whether the religious beliefs of any candidate would make them more or less likely to …Read More

I’ve been reading various conservative blog posts on whether Huckabee cost Romney the nomination. Why isn’t the question posed the other way around? Why aren’t conservative anti-McCainiacs complaining that Romney cost Huckabee the nomination? Based on market performance, Huckabee is …Read More