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Do you often experience synchronicity in your life? Maybe you think of someone and they call or the song you were singing begins to play on the stereo. I experience this awesomeness on a daily basis. I believe these encounters are a wink from the universe reminding us of our ever-present connection to the powerful energy around us. As a Spirit Junkie I’ve made it my mission to release the blocks to the energetic support around me. The more I clear my disbelief the more I experience miraculous spirit guidance.

These miracles are available to you all the time! The first step is to stop questioning the synchronicity in your life. When you question it you weaken the power in the moment. Rather than flip out about the “coincidence” choose to honor the miracle. Pay attention to moments of synchronicity and acknowledge the power of spirit energy.

The next step to creating more synchronicity and flow is to strengthen your faith in miracles. Rather than weaken your desires with negative self-talk and “it’s too good to be true” mumbo jumbo, rev up your faith instead. Start to affirm that you believe you can have and do what you desire. The more you let go of disbelief and activate a belief-system of faith the more likely you will be to experience divine guidance. Faith in miracles clears space for divine guidance to show up and support you.

In this vlog I share my experience with divine synchronisty. For further guidance join me on the auspicious day of 11/11/11 for my live lecture at ABC Deepak Homebase and on Ustream Video. To attend Spirit Junkie Live Click Here.

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