Have you ever had an emotional reaction to a song? You know — the kind when tears well up and chills run down your spine — the type of reaction that energizes you – excites you and inspires you. Sometimes a simple song can be the catalyst for an awesome loving experience.

Recently this was the case for me. A few weeks ago I had brunch with an old friend. We caught up on everything that was going in our lives. Then towards the end of our time together, in the middle of a knockoff furniture store, he asked me to listen to a song he’d recorded with his band Jones Street Station.

I agreed to listen. Pleasantly perched on a fake Eams chair I pressed play. Within the first few chords I felt chills pour down my spine and a rush of energy pass through my body. The loving intention of the music bled through each lyric and chord. Then, out of nowhere, uncontrollable tears poured down my face. I didn’t care that I was in a public place or that my mascara was running. How could I? I was having an inspired moment and nothing else mattered.

The song moved me from my core. When it was over I turned to my friend and said, “thank you.” His song energized, inspired and empowered me.

Music can often be one of the greatest tools for reconnecting us to our inner spirit. I hope you’ve had this type of musical encounter at some point in your life. Whether you have or not it’s never too late to welcome a musical intervention. If you’ve felt frustrated, angry, or lackluster about certain areas of your life you can use music to reenergize you from the inside out.

Below are three steps to pluck your heartstrings and spark your inner flame.

Positive Perception Playlist
If you want to shake a negative pattern make a positive perception playlist. Create a mix of songs that activate your inner state and make you feel happy. Listen to them when you wake up in the morning, on your commute to work, at the gym, while you cook dinner etc. Most importantly use this playlist to shift your energy whenever you feel down. Let the music be your guide to reactivating your positive perceptions.

Press Play
It’s far too often that we get bogged down with our busy schedules and to do lists that we forget to put on music and let our minds recalibrate. Schedule five minutes a day to sit in stillness and listen to an inspiring song/s. This ritual will begin a powerful meditative practice of turning inward and releasing worldly concerns. In this stillness you can access your inspiration.

Listen Live
Experiencing live music is one of the most powerful ways to change your mood. A live audience can soak up the powerful energy in the room, the intentions from the musicians on stage and the love within the sound. If you’re looking to get out of a funk go see some live music. This month there are some awesome shows in New York. Check out Thought So at …. And Jones Street Station at….

Your thoughts and energy create your reality. Therefore, take charge of your emotional experiences and let music lead you to a more positive perception. Create a Positive Perception Playlist, press play and go out and see music live. Change your mind, change your energy, change your life!

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