I shared a few days ago with a friend that everytime someone prays for me, they usually end with the statement, “I believe that God is telling me that you must not be weary in well-doing.”  It’s happened so many times that I think this must be my “life verse.”

If I would chose a life verse, I would be something like Romans 8:28:  “We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him.  They are the people he called, because that was his plan”  (NCV).  Instead, my life verse is “Keep working, girl, and you aren’t allowed to get tired.”

As I shared with my friend, I was laughing at myself because of my “life verse.”  Today, I received an encouraging note that seemed to be directly from the Lord via an email from Oz Hillman.  The message began with my “life verse.”  It was in the form of a prayer.

“Dear God, let us not be weary in well-doing nor slack in recognizing where we would be without You. Please forgive us of our sins, as you have promised through the blood of Jesus. Help us to be strong in the faith and to lean into Jesus in our human weakness. In your presence is fullness and joy…and we want to soak it in like the dry and cracked ground absorbs a slow, steady rain. May our minds be as sponges, filling up with your living water, your Word. May our cups run over with your goodness, mercy, and blessings as we trust in you today and every day. Thank you so much for everything. In the name of the Savior Jesus Christ we pray, amen.”

I am happy that God gives us his encouragement almost daily.  At times, we need to look hard to see his hand in our lives.  Other times, he shouts words of correction or encouragement.  Yet, I am so very grateful that the Lord has left us with the Bible.  It is a daily, hourly or moment-by-moment word of encouragement, correction or direction.

Working or living with people with disabilities can be energizing and encouraging.  Or it can be discouraging and heart-breaking.  Without the Scriptures, I could not imagine living and working successfully.

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