A Simple Life, a Childlike Faith

Several people have asked where I’ve been.  This is really encouraging because sending an entry into the Internet atmosphere, you cannot help but wonder if anyone will actually read what you write.

This has been an extremely busy time for me and The Special Gathering of Indian River.  Fall is a time of the year that many things come together and consume massive amounts of time for us.  Additionally, I find that I’ve become a person of routine and as long as I stick to my routine, I can usually accomplish all the things needed.  One of my greatest joys is having people visit our home; and for almost a month, our home has been filled with joy and company.  As a result, I’ve been thrown out of my routine.

I’m sure I’ve learned something deeply spiritual in the process.  When I find out what it is, I’ll write a blog about it!

Thanks for the inquiries and questions.  I’m here.  You will find me under a large pile of papers, trying to sort through the mess.

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