I have been more impressed with Toni than most people I’ve met.  She didn’t impress me with her statue.  She is petite and thin.  Toni doesn’t stand out in a crowd.  While her smile is amazing, when we first met, I didn’t see her smile often.

Toni is one of those folks who wears well–extremely well.  As a member of our Special Gathering Vero Choir, she was diligent, learning the words to new songs the first week.  If she couldn’t attend our weekly chapel meetings, she sent her offering by a staff person.

During her free time, she is not content to sit at home doing nothing.  She has crocheted dozens of lap covers for Hospice patients.  “I hate doing nothing,” she confesses.  Carefully stitching the granny pattern, she diligently works to help others.

When she was diagnosed with brain cancer, Toni was courageous beyond belief.  She would ask for prayer each time Special Gathering met; but she refused to dwell on her health problems.  Toni was not seeking sympathy but asking for people to join her, believing that God would heal her from a cancer than appeared to have no cure.

God gave her that miracle.  Toni has been free from cancer for more than a year.  She smiles often now.

You would like Toni.

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