The computer animation above shows the replication of DNA.  Despite their undeniable beauty, to some, such images can be a fearful thing.  After all, if life can be broken down to a series of chemicals, messengers, and physical laws, doesn’t this lessen the power and divine mystery of God’s creation?

Not at all, says Dr. Francis Collins in his book The Language of God:

“For me, there is not a shred of disappointment or disillusionment in these discoveries about the nature of life – quite the contrary!  How marvelous and intricate life turns out to be!  How deeply satisfying is the digital elegance of DNA!  How aesthetically appealing and artistically sublime are the components of living things, from the ribosome that translates RNA into protein, to the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly, to the fabulous plumage of the peacock attracting his mate!”

The Language of God, pages 106-107
The natural majesty of our genetic code should, like any other wonder of the natural world, instill in us a sense of awe and strengthen our belief in a creator, not lessen it.  For more from Dr. Collins, be sure to read The Language of God.
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