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Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, have genetically engineered mice with the human version of FOXP2, a gene connected to the development of language.  The result?  The new mice developed more complex nerve cells […]

In this TED Talk, science writer Margaret Wertheim discusses the mathematical patterns of coral reefs and her attempt to recreate them through the art of crochet.  By following a set algorithm, Margaret and her sister were able to recreate the […]

Despite its monumental reputation and importance in unifying the life-sciences by popularizing the theory of natural selection, On the Origin of Species rarely finds itself in many summer “to read” piles.  At over 500 pages, Darwin’s famed book is certainly […]

Source: sualk61 / Flickr / All Rights Reserved How did the modern domesticated house cat — beloved pet and subject of countless art works, movies, and internet memes — evolve from its more wild brethren?  The June issue of Scientific […]

The University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne recently objected to the suggestion that humans might actually be a part of God’s creative plan. Like most of the so-called “new atheists,” he denounces the idea that evolution — all by its […]

With the exciting announcement of the Darwinius massilae fossil this week, evolution has been a popular topic around the internet.  However, a lot of questions and misconceptions about evolution have also surfaced.  Is there any real “proof” for evolution?  Can […]

Source: Celestial Photography / Flickr / All Rights Reserved With science becoming increasingly more capable at explaining both us and our world, what place is left for religion?  After all, as many nonbelievers assert, doesn’t the church continue to exist […]

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23 The destructive power of sin is a painful and constant reminder of the Fall, the breaking of mankind’s […]

Source: Public Library of Science journal Could the fossil above, revealed to the public today at a news conference, be the long sought after “missing link” for evolution that some news outlets are claiming?  In actuality, the idea of a […]

Source: finsbry / Flickr / All Rights reserved My granddaughter Sara is six years old. About six months ago, her mom called to tell me Sara wanted to talk about some theological concepts. She put Sara on the phone, and […]