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The BBC this morning reported on a bizarre case in Israel of an Arab man convicted of “rape by deception,” because he’d led the Jewish woman with whom he’d had consensual sex to believe he was Jewish. Ha’aretz has the …Read More

I wrote earlier about how useful it is to humble yourself and try to see what the world looks like through the eyes of your opponents. Jonathan Rauch, the gay journalist and same-sex marriage backer, does an exemplary job of …Read More

Andrew Sullivan, on the Octavia Nasr/Shirley Sherrod foofarahs: It seems completely obvious to me that the USDA needs to re-hire Sherrod just as CNN needs to rehire Octavia Nasr. Both were canned based on knee-jerk reactions to distorted fragments of …Read More

Here’s the latest about the Journolist scandal, and it really is a shocking example of unprofessionalism. I’d said earlier that I didn’t think it was right to use the e-mails Dave Weigel sent out on the private list (which included …Read More

Oh, vom: While those assertions assume an insulting lack of agency on the part of young women, the recent wariness over Forever 21’s maternity line is much more in line with reality. Forever 21’s most recognizable model is Kendall Jenner, …Read More

This Salon interview with porn actress Lorelei Lee, who was recently at the center of a court case against a pornographer, contains some rough language, but it is unintentionally comic in its portrayal of human folly and self-unawareness. It’s both …Read More

Joyce Irvine is the principal at an elementary school in Vermont where 97 percent of the students live in poverty. Many of them are refugees from other countries. Joyce Irvine has by all accounts done an excellent job with these …Read More

I know he’s a favorite punching bag of a lot of folks who share my religious sensibilities, but the fact remains that Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent religious leaders in the …Read More

Ross Douthat has a good and important column up today about what he calls “the roots of white anxiety.” He begins by talking about a Pat Buchanan appearance at Harvard some time ago, to talk about white grievance — which …Read More

A friend passed on an anecdote the other day. A friend of his was at a dinner party at which everybody around the table was discussing what they would do if they were an inmate in a Nazi concentration camp. …Read More