haggard-overseer.jpgHere’s what’s going to happen today, says the AP:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Former megachurch pastor Ted Haggard has called a news conference to announce the next step in his career.

OK, stop right there. You want a sign that you, a disgraced megachurch pastor trying to rebuild your marriage and your reputation after being caught in a kinky, druggy situation with a male prostitute, are on the wrong path? It’s right there in that first paragraph. Since when does a Christian who is serious about repentance call a press conference to announce the next step in his career? If narcissism were cupcakes, this guy would be Buddy Valastro.
Watch this entry for post-announcement criticism.
UPDATE: So that’s it? He’s going to start a new church? But we knew that already. Ted still had to hold a press conference, and hire a Hollywood PR firm, to tell people that he’s starting a new church. Are you sure St. Paul done it this way? Get this quote from one news report:

“I was not willing to let the scandal we faced be the final chapter of our lives,” Haggard’s wife, Gayle, said.

This is a revealing comment. Would it occur to you that your spouse’s losing his platform as a megastar pastor because of scandal would mean the end of your life, or your family’s life? This comment only makes sense if Gayle Haggard conceived of the family’s life as consisting primarily of Ted being a star. What’s implied by her remark here is that Ted going out and getting a normal job, outside of the spotlight, would be “the final chapter of our lives.” Sure sounds like she’s as addicted to fame as her woebegone husband is.
Oh, and naturally, the Haggards are leaving the door open to a TV reality series being done about their new church. You cannot make scoundrels like this up. Only in America, baby.

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