Via Deacon Greg Kandra, here’s a story about a husband, a wife, and early onset Alzheimer’s Disease (it turned up at age 40 in the wife). The piece aired on CBS Sunday Morning. It’s about 10 minutes long, but well worth watching. Man, what a sock in the gut. At the six-minute point there’s a surprise you can kind of see coming, and at the nine-minute mark, there’s a shock. I’m not going to offer any spoilers, but I want you to watch this stunning report and tell me in the comboxes if you think the husband made the right choice:

Watch CBS News Videos OnlineUPDATE: Go past the jump to find out what Mrs. Dreher’s opinion of the husband’s actions in this story are. I’m not going to post them here because it would constitute a spoiler. But her vivid, touching, tender pronouncement is worth reading. I post it with her permission. Read on:She said, and I quote:

“You know what? Don’t even give me that crap about how I can’t judge till I’ve walked in his shoes. If I develop early-onset Alzheimer’s and you come around to visit me while you’re shtupping somebody else, I’m going to find some way to haunt your a**, even while I’m still alive. Actually I won’t have to do that at all. M— R— [a Dallas friend] will beat the everliving crap out of you. Can’t you see her balling up her fist and knocking the snot out of you? I can. In fact, all my friends will do it for me. So I’m not worried. Don’t you even think about trying that crap on me. God gave you a mission in life, and you’d better stick to it, hoss.”

Snap. I love my Texas wife, and her refreshing lack of tolerance and understanding. She really did say “shtupping”; you can’t have lived in New York City for five years and not come away with some great Yiddish words.

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