Anne Applebaum reports that the Russian Navy, among others, has hit upon a practical solution to the problem of captured Somali pirates. Excerpt:

Theoretically, the captain was supposed to hand the detainees and the evidence over to regional police. Not wanting to involve himself in legal wrangling, however, he decided to “release” the pirates instead. And thus they were “set free” in a tiny inflatable raft, with no navigation equipment, 350 miles off the coast of Yemen. The raft has since disappeared. In the 21st century, this is how pirates walk the plank.

Good for them. Off you go, lads! Enjoy the sailing! Read on in Applebaum’s column, and you see why it’s a terrible mess, trying to figure out how to try those criminals. I’d say they’ve bloody well earned their holiday on the waves, however it turns out.

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