Rod Dreher

Tiger Woods hits bottom, digs:Preach it, Favog:

Tiger Woods is a wreck. His family is a bigger wreck because of Tiger’s appetite for fresh meat. And now Nike gets the perpetrator in a tabloid tragedy to trade on his sins against his wife and children — and even drags his dead father into the sewer for good measure — just so it can sell you s***.

That ad is truly grotesque. I think I’ll avoid Nike products for a while. Meanwhile, Robert Wright, nobody’s idea of a religious man or a conservative one, writes about why Tiger Woods’ moral turpitude is everybody’s business. Basically his argument is that we reallly need monogamous marriage to make our society work, and when a prominent (therefore influential) person tramples on the sanctity of marriage, it hurts all of us. Excerpt:

Though monogamous marriage may be, on average, the best way to rear children, a lifetime of monogamous fidelity isn’t natural in our species. And extramarital affairs have a way of leading, one way or another, to the dissolution of marriages — not unfailingly, by any means, but with nontrivial frequency. And even when an affair doesn’t end a marriage, it can permanently change the marriage — and child-rearing environment — for the worse.So we’re stuck with this unfortunate irony: the institution that seems to be, on average, the least bad means of rearing children is an institution that doesn’t naturally sustain itself in the absence of moral sanction — positive sanction for fidelity, negative sanction for infidelity. And negative sanction often involves sounding judgmental — something that, in addition to incurring the wrath of a columnist’s readers, raises genuinely thorny intellectual problems.

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