Adventures in modern Christian piety. At the two-minute mark, things really get rolling:On second thought, maybe Torquemada was onto something…UPDATE: Seriously, though, I honestly don’t understand the appeal of this kind of religion. I am not a charismatic, nor do I find charismatic religion appealing, but I absolutely understand the craving for charismatic experience, and I honor it. In fact, a religion that has pushed all its charismatic elements to the margins is a religion that is not going to last. So, three cheers for charismatics! But this hokey-pokey charade undertaken by actual adults is something else. I don’t understand why anyone over the age of eight finds it appealing. If I walked in and saw this (or this or this in liturgical churches, to be fair), I’d run find Richard Dawkins and ask him to show me the light. (H/T: Sullivan)

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