Here’s a post that combines two of my favorite things: coffee and juvenile scatological humor. Naturally, I speak of the exceedingly rare and expensive coffee brewed from beans that have been treated inside the gut of a civet cat, then excreted whole out it’s civetty, catty rear end.
With the stuff selling for over $200 a pound, a market in fake civet-poo coffee has emerged. Wholesalers have to be careful:

Maintaining quality was a constant challenge because distinguishing the real stuff from the fake was never easy. One time, harvesters sold her regular beans glued to unidentified dung.
“I washed it,” she said. “But the glue wouldn’t come off.”

Feh. On the other hand, I hate having to pick up my dumb dog Roscoe’s morning delivery in the back yard. Maybe if I put some coffee beans in his evening Alpo, I could make the disgusting exercise worth my while, and brighten the day of neighborhood gourmands. Well, look,
Corby Kummer calls it the horse meat of the coffee world, and who am I to doubt him?
The things you learn on this blog. You’re welcome.

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