As the first seder approaches, I call your attention to several items of interest:

1. The Great Quinoa Kashrut L’Pesach controversy. Wherein it is shown that the only sure way to be sure that this strange New World grain passes muster is for a rabbi to set up shop in the Bolivian highlands.

2. The Pollard Get-Out-Of-Jail-For-Time-Served Card. Wherein one of Israel’s chief rabbis imagines that it will help Obama’s reelection chances to free convicted spy Jonathan Pollard–and a newly elected non-Jewish congressman from NY becomes the first Republican member of the House to sign on to the campaign.

3. The Movin’ on Up Award. Iranian Redneck Darren Sherkat, playing his usual games with the General Social Survey, demonstrates that if you really want your kid to go to med school, convert to Judaism.

Happy Passover, everyone!

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