You’ve got Rep. Peter King, who after 9/11 turned his back on his Muslim constituents, once his friends, and is now leading a GOP congressional charge against radical Islam in the American population, claiming, “We are under siege by Muslim terrorists.”

You’ve got Richard Land, the Southern Baptist Convention’s grand pooh-bah of religious liberty, withdrawing
from an interfaith coalition to support the right of Muslims to build
mosques because he’s caught some flak from co-religionists, and anyway,
while he supports religious liberty in general supporting the
construction of a particular mosque in Tennessee with an amicus brief is
one bridge too far.

And then you’ve got Barack Obama, who had nothing to gain but moral
stature from the last phrase in this sentence from last night’s State of
the Union:

And as extremists try to inspire acts of
violence within our borders, we are responding with the strength of our
communities, with respect for the rule of law, and with the conviction that
American Muslims are a part of our American family.

And must be treated as such.

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