I know all of you have been waiting with bated breath for an update on
how the country’s only Prosperity Gospel campaign has been going. That
would be the AG race in Connecticut, in which GOP candidate Martha Dean
is running on a platform of Freedom, Faith, and Fortune.

corner-2010e-488x134.jpgActually, I’d pretty much forgotten about Martha since I wrote about her
back in August. But yesterday WNPR’s Colin McEnroe wanted to fold her
into a discussion of religion and politics in this election cycle, so it
behooved me to check and see how that platform is working out for her.

The only public polling available
of the state’s underticket races shows her trailing her Democratic
rival, George Jepson, 28 to 40 percent. A couple of days ago, CT New
Junky’s Susan Bigelow snickered:

This year’s political sign crop is an interesting one. Martha Dean’s
sign is prominent this year, and her puzzling “Freedom, Faith, Fortune”
slogan is visible. Her website’s explanation of the last word did little
to clear things up; apparently the word “prosperity” is way too
socialist for Martha. Really. Fortunately for Connecticut, the placement
of her sign (and the pure insanity of her campaign) pretty much assures
her defeat.

As Peter De Vries put it in Slouching Towards Kalamazoo, “About the only thing that’s ever been converted in Connecticut is a barn.”

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