I’ve been watching the network news (ABC and NBC) reports of the MA Senate race and noted that when they mention Coakley’s mistakes they include the Chuck Schilling gaffe but totally ignore the fact that she said Catholics shouldn’t work in the ER (which is a much worse gaffe). Here’s an example:

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They also ignored the fact that Obama was heckled when he stumped for Coakley. If Bush had been heckled, you know that the MSM would have led with it.BTW, even though Obama knows this race is a referendum on the health care bill he plans to continue with his agenda if Brown wins. I wonder if he would be able to convince the House Democrats to jump off the cliff with him.Another BTW, this is pretty funny:

And press secretary Robert Gibbs said a key theme of 2010 will be asking voters “whether the people they have in Washington are on the side of protecting the big banks, whether they’re on the side of protecting the big oil companies, whether they’re on the side of protecting insurance companies or whether they’re on the people’s side.”

Isn’t it the Democrats who are forcing us to buy insurance from the insurance companies and then taxing us when we do? Seems like they’re protecting the insurance companies’ profits.

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