Did you guys see the new anti-soda ad from NYC?Yech! Good commercial to watch if you have to cut out soda. I recently had to give up all caffeine, so no more sodas. It’s been easy enough to give them up at home since we rarely drink soda at home and I’ve been able to switch to decaffeinated tea (with only a minor loss of energy — that is far less noticeable now that I’ve had cancer). Caffeine is more of an issue when I’m at a restaurant where water is the only non-caffeine choice.I had to give up caffeine because I have GERD. After my endoscopy, the doctor put me on Nexium and I was on it for a month but then I started getting abdominal pains and other symptoms (that are TMI) so I stopped taking it. I decided I would try to control it without medication by restricting my diet. It would control the symptoms of GERD and lose the weight necessary to stop it altogether.Unfortunately, going off the Nexuim hasn’t helped the pain. I’m a little afraid it’s a tumor (of course now everything is a tumor instead of something more reasonable :-), though my surgeon didn’t feel anything. I’m getting a CT scan so we’ll see.

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