It seems I ticked off Ricky Gervais by stating that I wouldn’t see his new movie because the reviews I’ve read stated that it was a slam against Christianity and it was dishonest in its advertising. Evidently, I’m the first person in the history of cinema to decide not to see a movie based on a review. And because I decided to share that bit of info on my blog, Gervais ridicules me for not seeing the movie and then commenting on it. I guess no one can talk about any film unless they’ve seen it? I’m sorry I’ve committed that faux pas.
And of course it goes without saying that Gervais wouldn’t make a comment like this:

That would be like me believing that the Earth was made in six days just because it was written in one book with no evidence to back it up.

Without having read the Bible himself. Atheists don’t question the veracity of Scriptures without reading it, right? So, if I’m the only one who reads the witness of others and then makes a judgment call, I’m sorry.
BTW, the fact that the reviewer was an atheist swayed my opinion since I figured he could be objective and not blinded by emotion. I probably wouldn’t have written the post without that assurance that he wasn’t letting his worldview color his interpretation of the movie (as a Christian might).
The commenters to the post seem to think I have a problem with anti-Christian films which isn’t the issue as I stated in the post. I’ve seen plenty of movies in which Christians are ridiculed, that doesn’t bother me. And as I mentioned, I have no problem seeing atheist movies (or Hindu movies — which was an issue for some reason for one of the commenters) as long as they’re entertaining or thoughtful. I’m not afraid of the challenge to my belief, my faith is secure (if it can survive cancer, I guess it can get me through just about anything). The issue had more to do with stealth advertising. Be upfront with your agenda, that’s all I’m saying (tangents about propaganda aside :-). The reviewer I linked to in my post saw the agenda, this reviewer saw it but thought it was anti-religious “only in the most literal sense” (Gervais states that this review reflects the philosophy of his movie). So, it’s there, why can’t you just give us a heads up?

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