And organic milk, Whole Foods and even Mini Coopers (yes, I’m thinking that it might be my next car — preferably the nightfire red). What’s this confession all about? Well, apparently, Glenn Beck freaked out the lefties by being spotted using a Moleskine. And evidently, Moleskines are the domain of the left:

Glenn Beck is a racist who is encouraging people to harm liberals. The fact that he likes moleskines is shocking to me. They are associated with liberal minded, intellectuals. Not the people he appeals to. This makes me almost want to thow away all my moleskines and never use them again.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’ve been using them for years! I love my Moleskine notebooks and used them throughout the years at Westminster (I like the Moleskine Squared Notebook), they are great for taking notes. I also carry around the smaller Moleskine Square Notebook Pocket. I’ve had it since 2004. I’m currently using the grid notebooks for writing a Bible study (the Gospel of John). I love the pocket in the back, very convenient to store my index cards with to do lists and questions I need to answer. (BTW, when in public, I don’t use my notebook with an Apple computer, but I do use it with my iTouch, which has an ESV Bible app).

I like Moleskins so much, I even bought the ESV Moleskin Bible (the ESV Journaling Bible), but was bummed it didn’t have a back pocket for notes.
BTW, the Field Notes linked to in the article looks tempting (I like that they’re made in the USA), if they make it to a Barnes and Noble or Borders near me, I might buy them as well. Sorry, lefties but you guys can’t have the cute notebooks to yourselves, they belong to us as well 🙂
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