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September 2009 Archives

As I’ve said in the past of Al Gore, if they really want me to believe that the planet is in trouble, they should act like they believe it themselves. Evidently, no one involved in “The Age of Stupid” actually …Read More

Excellent job mocking the overpaid celebrities mocking the overpaid insurance executives:Here’s the original: Protect Insurance Companies PSA from Will Ferrell Here’s the response from celebrities when you point out they have the power to help the uninsured on their own …Read More

Yet another example of the short-sightedness of the government in creating regulatory guidelines to rule our lives. A woman, who was helping her neighbors by watching their kids for an hour each day while they waited for the school bus, …Read More

According to Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Um…wasn’t that what they thought about Bush? How much of a change did we get if world leaders are still viewing our president as naive and arrogant?(via)

Ralph Nader has written a novel! And it sounds pretty wacky as only a Nader utopian society could be: Ralph Nader has written a novel. Well, he doesn’t call it a novel–he calls it “a practical utopia.” In it, he …Read More

The results of this poll aren’t surprising. A majority of Democrats view the government as responsible for health insurance while a majority of Republicans and Independents do not: In a recent Gallup survey, 89% of Republicans, 64% of independents, and …Read More

How embarrassing for the person who left their cell phone on. I’ve forgotten to turn mine to vibrate a couple times when I was in seminary but only received one call. Very embarrassing. And usually I remember to put it …Read More

But they are going to try again with amendments: Democratic efforts to include a taxpayer-financed “public” health insurance option in the emerging health reform bill fell short in two crucial test votes in the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday afternoon. …Read More

Deliver us, Obama? What the heck are these people thinking? Why in the world would they pray to Obama? Shouldn’t religious leaders be more careful using the same language they use to petition their deity to petition a political leader? …Read More

Sharon Tate’s killer finally succumbs to brain cancer: Susan Atkins, a leading member of Charles Manson’s violent cult who carried out brutal murders at his behest in 1969, has died in a California prison, state corrections officials said on Friday. …Read More