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Did you guys see the ad ABC and NBC refused to air? Here it is:(via)Here’s a report about it:BTW, Obama plans to cut payments to “heart and cancer doctors by $1.4 billion next year.”

Even toilet paper is rationed! Cuban officials say the shortage is the result of the global financial crisis and three devastating hurricanes last summer, which forced cuts in imports as well as domestic production because of reductions in electricity and …Read More

When we retire, most of us have to go on Medicare because our employers do not provide health care insurance for their retirees and though we don’t have the coverage, we will be footing the bill for the auto worker …Read More

The union ignored their wishes, the teachers would rather have had the wage freeze than layoffs since the laid off teachers were given no notice of the layoffs: The teachers, who gathered outside their union office, said they want a …Read More

She didn’t have to say “probably.” I wonder how much the heckler is being paid?BTW, I’ve given birth in America twice and I have to tell you that it was never in an elevator, outside the hospital or in a …Read More

And a pretty decent salary. I wonder how much they’re paying on the right? Have any lefties posted videos of operatives infiltrating the rightwing, big oil astroturf operation? I’d be interested in that gig if the pay’s any good (we …Read More

Could you imagine if her mother-in-law wins? Open session on all comediennes, you’d have a feeding frenzy! Plenty of fodder in this trial for her act since her husband’s law firm is representing her in the legal battle against his …Read More

OMH! The very company that started the government down the path to this draconian law that threatens ordinary citizens who want to sell their used children’s clothes, books and toys at flea markets and yard sales, small business who sell …Read More

And he isn’t thrilled. Pretty funny video, though I guess I should warn you about the language, it’s explicit. (via)

After his death from cancer, Michael Crichton’s assistant found a completed manuscript which is to be published in November (you can preorder Pirate Latitudes: A Novel from Amazon). Spielberg will be adapting the book for film: DreamWorks Studios has acquired …Read More