Reformed Chicks Blabbing

I’m a little disappointed that our president is a bit of a pig. I was hoping he wouldn’t follow in Clinton’s (or VItter’s, Ensign’s, Sanford’s, etc.) footsteps. Hopefully he just likes to look but not touch. I wonder what Michelle thinks of her husband getting caught leering at a woman’s tushie?
Update: Of course the Obama lapdogs are already defending the president against charges of leering. “Oh it was all so innocent when you watch the video. Sarkozy is obviously leering but the president was just watching his step.” Sorry, but even watching the video, it looks like he’s checking her out but he’s being a little more discreet about it and with a woman like Michelle as his wife, I’m not surprised that he’d want to be discreet. She looks like she could beat him up (with those muscular arms everyone is raving about).

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