How about he starts with his own? How big is his car? What type of house does he own? How many houses does he own? How much money does he drop in a week for his toys? Does he go on frequent trips? Politicians need to set an example before they ask the rest of us to cut back:

Ted Kulongoski, the governor of Oregon, thinks that Americans will need to scale back their consumerism because it is harming the environment.
“There’s a lifestyle issue involved in this, about our penchant for consumerism and consumption,” he said, while discussing his support for a state emissions cap-and-trade scheme during a recent interview in Portland.
“Other than taxes,” he added, “the hardest thing I find to talk with my constituents and my citizens about is about changing lifestyles.” He singled out the car companies for their production of sport-utility vehicles.

BTW, for those of you who think I’m a typical SUV or Minivan soccer mom type Republican with a big house who should cut back on my consumption, you are sooo wrong! I drive a compact and live in a tiny house with plenty of those hazardous mercury light bulbs that are longer lasting and in vogue (we were using them before the greenies made them popular). When his carbon footprint is smaller than ours than maybe I’ll listen to him.
Another btw, maybe we should cut back on our consumerism and let the states suffer when they see that drop in tax revenue. The less gas I use, the less taxes the state and federal government can collect from me. Hmmm…it’s tempting.

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