Yet another campaign promise broken:

Leading disease experts said President Barack Obama’s 2010 budget proposal for global health falls far short of what is needed to combat the deadly twin epidemics of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Details on global health spending were released by the White House today, and a preliminary analysis indicates the President is proposing only $165 million in additional funding for bilateral AIDS as well as the US contribution to the Global Fund. “This proposal is even worse than we had feared. With this spending request, Obama has broken his campaign promise to provide $1 billion a year in new money for global AIDS, and he has overlooked the growing threat of tuberculosis,” said the Center for Global Health.
This unfolding health crisis could quickly spread, as people who stop treatment become far more infectious. Treatment disruption can also lead to drug-resistance, an extremely expensive and potentially deadly development.

Obama just found ways to cut billions of dollars in wasteful spending (btw, I thought it was funny that he ordered his lapdogs (the WH press) to stress the “significant” nature of the cuts), why not take some of that money and spend it on HIV/AIDS? The AIDS epidemic in Africa is out of control and they need all the help they can get.
Speaking of promises broken, read this inside look at how Obama used the 9/11 and Cole families.

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