I hope everyone is enjoying their day off and at least pausing long enough to remember those who gave their life so that we can live in freedom. We thank them for their sacrifice and appreciate their love for this country that motivated them to pass on that freedom to each generation. Our freedom didn’t come cheap and we need to remember that fact. It’s good that we have a day set aside each year to celebrate and appreciate the sacrifice.
We aren’t relaxing and enjoying the day, though. It would have been such a nice day to lay in the hammock in the backyard and read but we are getting ready for my in-laws’ visit. They are coming to see me graduate from seminary this week, so we need to do a lot of deep cleaning (have to make up for all that time I’ve been unable to clean due to chemo treatments) to get the house ready for guests who will be staying with us. Fun!
Well, at least you can enjoy the day 🙂

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