I’m not surprised they backed down because they were facing a lawsuit that they couldn’t win, plus the media storm that descended on them was probably way too much:

Broyles said he’s been fielding media calls nonstop.
“It’s been hard to do anything else but to handle the phone calls and media interviews,” he said. “It’s been crazy, back to back to back to back.”

As I mentioned yesterday, they might want to give remedial training on the constitution to their clerks to avoid such an embarrassing and costly mistake in the future.
They’re blaming the whole thing on traffic issues but according to the lawyer for Pastor David Jones, the homeowner, that issue was never discussed:

Dean Broyles, president of the Western Center for Law & Policy, a nonprofit organization in Escondido that supports religious liberty, is representing the Joneses. He said traffic issues were not raised when the code enforcement officer first visited the Joneses in response to the complaint. The warning itself does not mention traffic or parking problems.
“Even though the county is saying it’s about traffic and parking, it’s a fake issue. It’s a fabricated issue,” Broyles said.
According to Broyles, the code enforcement officer asked a series of pointed questions during her visit with the Joneses – questions such as, “Do you sing?” “Do you say ‘amen?’ ” “Do you say ‘praise the Lord?’ “

Clearly, they were targeting them because they were holding a Bible study. In this country, that’s unconstitutional. And I’m thanking the Lord for that 🙂

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