When I heard about the Somali pirates taking over an American ship I was shocked that the crew would let it happen but then I saw this update and wasn’t surprised:

Late Wednesday morning, military sources told CBS News that the crew has regained control of the vessel by overpowering the pirates, taking one pirate into custody and throwing three overboard.

I bet Obama’s pretty happy that he doesn’t have to deal with a hostage situation that might have dragged on for awhile.
Update: OOPS! Looks like I spoke too soon. Those Somali pirates were smarter than I thought. Looks like we have a hostage situation after all:

Quinn, sounding harried in a terse mobile phone call to CNN, said the crew had released one of the pirates they had tied up for 12 hours. But the hijackers were refusing to return Captain Richard Phillips.
“Right now, they want to hold our captain for ransom and we’re trying to get him back,” Quinn told the US network.
“He’s in the ship’s lifeboat,” he said, explaining the four pirates had taken the lifeboat off the Maersk Alabama and that Phillips was in touch with his crew via ship’s radio.

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