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For people making over $250,000: Democrats and Republicans poured cold water on President Obama’s budget plan to cut down on wealthy taxpayers’ charitable giving tax deductions, the second of his ambitious cost-savings plans to earn lawmakers’ scorn, and underscoring the …Read More

How many of you are willing to demonstrate your commitment to the cause by using cloth instead of toilet paper? Aren’t you using more resources (electricity, water, etc.) cleaning them? (via)

The terminally ill should keep in mind that 27% of health care costs are incurred in the last few days and hours of life and should act accordingly (I guess before the federal government steps in). (via)

Pretty much nails the hypocrisy of Congressmen questioning the use of private jets: (via)

She bought well above her means and the house has dropped in value to $675,000. Now she wants to be bailed out because she can’t make the payments: JIM ACOSTA, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): School bus driver and mother of two, …Read More

Only 18 day after surgery for pancreatic cancer. Pretty impressive!

I started chemo on Friday. Everything went well during the treatment. The oncologists prepare your body with drugs to ensure that they’re aren’t major incidents. I had to take 5 Dexamethason the night before and the day of chemo, its …Read More

According to Obama’s justice department. Of course the lefties had a cow over this when the Bush administration said the same thing, I wonder what their reaction will be now that their hope and change guy is not acting very …Read More

Scott Dikkers is the Editor of the Onion newspaper and as most of you are probably aware it is a satirical magazine. As funny as his newspaper is, I expected more humor from his speech. I guess it’s hard for …Read More

You have to hand it to the Pope, he is pretty politically shrewd. Pelosi is trying to push her brand of Catholicism and the Pope isn’t letting her get away with it. Here’s her take of their meeting: In our …Read More