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I’m finally getting around to reading all the comments that you guys were posting when Sarah took over the blog. Sarah told me about this comment: Sarah, you absolutely must not lock your mother in the basement, no matter how …Read More

That you guys don’t want to see the scar. I don’t blame you, it’s not very pretty 🙂 I’m glad that I don’t have to prove my veracity. And thanks to everyone for the recommendations on the port. I’m going …Read More

One of the commenters thinks that I may be lying about the cancer: My mother had ovarian cancer and she most certainly wasn’t returned home from hospital as quickly as Michelle. And there’s no way that my mother would have …Read More

So, I have papillary serous carcinoma, it’s stage 3 C ovarian cancer — it’s an aggressive cancer. The tumor was removed as was some cancer cells from my intestines and fat. They also removed my uterus and ovaries. I have …Read More

But it’s been really hard to blog about the cancer but I promise to post something tomorrow. I’m an emotional wreck right now (between coming to grips with having cancer and having a hysterectomy) and it’s been hard to bring …Read More

This is Sarah again. Michele hasn’t had the strength to blog yet, but she’s home and walking. Otherwise she’s ok. Hopefully she’ll be blogging again soon and back to her old self, which we all love.

Sarah here, for the last time. Yes, you shall all be rid of me because my mom is coming home!!!!!! Yea!!! So she was feeling better, obviously, she was eating solid foods, getting up and walking around by herself, and …Read More

Well today we went to the hospital- obviously- and she was doing much better. The oxygen tubes were taken out. She even got out of the bed a couple times to go to the bathroom. She was doing well, took …Read More

Sarah here again. Thank you all for the uplifting comments and all the encouragement. It’s great how at times of crisis people rally together. Everyone has been so helpful while we are going through this and it’s greatly appreciated! Well …Read More

Hello, this is Sarah, Michele’s daughter. I’ll be blogging for her while she is in the hospital. The surgery went well, the tumor was 99% removed. The other 1% will be treated with chemotherapy. The tumor was cancerous. I saw …Read More