So, Obama is allowing the average citizen to submit questions about his policies and then allowing us to vote for the ones we like. Justin Taylor submitted this question:

Would you consider rescinding your promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Acts, given your desire to reduce abortions and to seek common ground, and in light of the fact that it would invalidate every measure and law intended to reduce abortions?

But the abortion zealots have flagged it as inappropriate (they can’t stand free speech). You can still vote for the other similarly worded questions(until the abortion zealots get to it — I guess that’s probably some of you guys, huh?). I thought this one was pretty good as well:

“Will you still follow through with your promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, even though Maryland has passed similar legislation and their abortion rates have risen significantly compared to their prior numbers and the rest of the nation?”

You have to sign up but it’s worth it. Let your voice be heard (if anyone’s listening and it’s not a gimmick to get our email addresses so he can send us appeals for donations :-). I was thinking about asking him how building roads would help the economy. Did he intend to put those collecting unemployment checks to work digging ditches?

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