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And of course the McCain and Biden dolls (“Oh, Mommy! I really want the cranky old men dolls”). Who says she’s a drag on the ticket 🙂 (via) *As of this post.

And they’ll be the ones getting the tax cut. So, anyone want to bet how low Obama will go? I’m betting $30,000.We can’t complain when our taxes are raised, Obama and his surrogates have been warning us that the definition …Read More

Because he took a shot at Palin for her wink:I guess they saw the opportunity to bring up the special terrorists in Obama’s life. I don’t think it’s very effective.(via)

They have been made playable characters in “Mercenaries 2.” Here’s a video of some of the action (do I even need a violence warning?):You go, girl!I guess Biden and McCain are way too old to be shooting up the bad …Read More

Jake Tapper notes that Obama has a long list of things he’s promising to do for America but isn’t telling us how he’ll pay for them (besides tax the rich and spread the wealth around): Once you get past the …Read More

To celebrate, I thought we could sing what’s become the hymn of the Reformation: “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Here are the words in case you don’t know it. Here’s a video of Steven Green singing it a capella:For …Read More

I wonder how many Democrats are secretly making the switch because they understand just how out of control this election has become, ordinary citizens are mocked and annihilated by the press and the Democrats (I know, that’s redundant) for just …Read More

Erica Jong speaking to an Italian paper demonstrates that the left has lost it and might want to read a book or go for a walk and keep away from the news until after the election. Evidently, they can’t handle …Read More

Obama must think he’s supporters are stupid! There’s a big difference between giving your toys or sandwich away which many of us do through acts of charity and the government ripping your sandwich or toy out of your hand and …Read More

Socialism runs in the Obama family, here’s a forgotten quote from Michelle Obama on giving up our piece of the pie so that others can have more: Most Americans, she said, don’t want much. “They don’t want the whole pie,” …Read More