Evidently it’s hitting NY pretty hard which isn’t surprising since it’s the liberal capital of the world. As I was reading this article I realized how conditioned these women are by society and just how misogynist they really are. They can’t see that Palin brings a lot to the table both in experience and in credentials (conservative, reform — she took on the two governors and corruption in her state). She wasn’t picked just because she’s a woman and it’s insulting to women to say that. She’s in a position of power that Biden doesn’t have since she’s the reason for the excitement, money, etc. and McCain knows it.

“All of my women friends, a week ago Monday, were on the verge of throwing themselves out windows,” an author and political activist, Nancy Kricorian of Manhattan, said yesterday. “People were flipping out. … Every woman I know was in high hysteria over this. Everyone was just beside themselves with terror that this woman could be our president — our potential next president.”

Sorry but your candidate is a junior senator from Illinois, you should be scared that he’ll get in the White House.
I think that ultimately the problem is that these women don’t want this woman in the White House because she doesn’t think in lockstep with them, she doesn’t toe the party line. She’s conservative, she’s a Christian and therefore the enemy. They don’t want someone like that beating them to the White House, especially when they’ve been out of power for all these years:

A psychiatrist and conservative blogger, Patricia Santy, said the strong emotional reactions are driven by Mrs. Palin’s differing with the left-leaning political agenda of many feminists. “Their entire image of themselves is based on the fact that they are paving the way for women. What do they see? Women getting ahead, women being empowered who don’t agree with them,” Dr. Santy said.

They can’t lay claim to her success, if she makes it to the White House, it will be despite them not because of them. If she gets in, the movement will have passed them by and that most be galling to contemplate.

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