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September 2008 Archives

Excellent new ad that puts the blame for the Fannie/Freddie mess where it belongs, at the feet of the Congressional Democrats. McCain’s campaign should be running this in all the battleground states, these people are the reason for the mess …Read More

Let’s us sing a song of praise to the one who is going to spread happiness and freedom:You know what song came to mind when I saw this video? “Jesus loves the little children.” Sadly, the messiah they have put …Read More

According to the WSJ, it’s time to cancel your cable and brown bag it: Cut everything. Drop your cable package and TiVo. Say goodbye to Applebee’s and Starbucks. Cancel the ski trip. Slash every single penny you possibly can from …Read More

From $100,000 to $250,000. McCain proposed the same thing. The only problem is that when the House Republicans suggested this during recent negotiations, the Democrats rejected it. Maybe now that Obama is on board, congressional Democrats might be more open …Read More

It is always a good idea to remind the voters that Obama is planning to spend billions if elected and couldn’t even say what he would cut during the debate:(via)

“After this immediate problem, we’ve got the long-term fundamentals that will really make sure this economy grows”The RNC notes: Earlier in the same speech: “You see, Senator McCain just doesn’t get it – he doesn’t get that this crisis on …Read More

He says it’s a crisis but he hasn’t done anything to persuade members to vote for the bailout: Aides to Mr. Obama said he had not directly reached out to try to sway any House Democrats who opposed the measure. …Read More

McCain takes on the “experts” who have been dissing Palin: Couric: Gov. Palin, since our last interview, you’ve gotten a lot of flak. Some Republicans have said you’re not prepared; you’re not ready for prime-time. People have questioned your readiness …Read More

“I’ve been hearing about his senate speeches since I was in, like, second grade. I have to admit though he is a great debater and looks pretty doggone confident like he’s sure he’s gonna win. But, then again this is …Read More

I bet those who have been predicting that this crisis would happen for years were stopping themselves from jumping up and saying, “Sneak up on us silently? You idiot! We’ve been predicting this for years. Anyone with half a brain …Read More