Everyone will be focused on the Olympics, Obama is taking a vacation and who really cares what McCain is doing (unless it’s a snarky ad about Obama 🙂 and I’m not interested in the love life of a potential VP or attorney general for Obama (btw, Allapundit has this story covered from every angle with numerous updates), so it seems like it’s the perfect time to take a break. But I will not be leaving you guys without content. I have some stuff scheduled to publish over the next week.

The commenters complain that I don’t do enough of my own writing and that they’re not getting the Reformed perspective, so I thought I would give you more than enough of my writing by posting four of my exegesis papers. At ten pages each, you should have more than enough of my writing to keep you happy (well, as happy as can be expected from complainers) . And for the Reformed perspective, I’m publishing all three of my digests from my Doctrine of God class. That’s seven days worth of exegetical and theological reading. What other current events blogger does that? (Really, I’m interested if you know of any, let me know 🙂
If you can’t view the Greek and Hebrew, you can get the fonts from Bibleworks.
I hope you guys enjoy the Olympics, if you’re into that sort of thing. Please join me in praying for the protesters and for the dissidents. It is a blessing that so many are willing to stand up to the powerful for those who are being oppressed (like the people of Darfur) and risk being jailed. Also pray for the Christians who continue to be oppressed by their government.
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