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Those are the words of a former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler caught on video laughing about the fact that a hurricane is ready to hit New Orleans during the Republican convention. I wonder if the …Read More

this is rich coming from the party that choose an inexperienced one-term Senator who has spent more time running for the presidency than he has actually serving in the Senate and who has no executive or foreign policy experience. Campaigning …Read More

That upset male pundits? I was going to write a post about how the Palin pick has demonstrated the misogyny on the left but then I noticed that it has also brought out the misogyny on the right. I thought …Read More

Looking at a hurricane in light of it’s political advantage is a little low even for Moore. Really demonstrates that the guy lacks basic human compassion.Of course Olberman and Moore lay the entire blame on Bush and doesn’t even mention …Read More

So the big question is whether Palin brings something to the McCain ticket. Will she be a bust or a plus? Given the level of excitement her pick has already generated in conservative circles (The Corner was abuzz with many …Read More

Oh the poor guy! Can’t fly his private jet because of the high price of gas. See how the Democrats are impacting the life of Americans? This is such a sad story and one that I hope moves the left …Read More

Uh Oh! Boy is he going to hear from his viewers! I can’t believe Jon Stewart actually mocks the messiah with this spoof of his campaign video. Stewart takes on the whole, “He is the one” vibe of the convention. …Read More

Not a very rapid response! I would say they were taken by surprise, wouldn’t you? The best they’re coming up with is that she was a mayor of a small town with a population of less than 9,000. Isn’t that …Read More

I just got done watching the news conference and I was blown away. She lives up to her hype! She was brilliant, articulate, forceful, and made a very good case for McCain. She was so convincing that she convinced me …Read More

Last night as I was watching Obama’s speech, I was struck by how non-specific he was when he was trying to be specific. He and his sycophants in the media may have thought he was specific laying out all that …Read More