I just got my tuition bill from my community college for this upcoming fall semester, and it was $670!! And I’m only taking two classes!
Buried in the bill is the customary:
Development fee–$15.00
Enrollment service fee–$30.00
General fee—$110.00
Parking fee –$10.00
Technology fee– $50.00
I also noticed that the cost per credit rose to $91. Yeah, I know everything is costing more these days, but what the heck do I need to pay all those other “fees” for? A general fee? What’s that? It’s like they couldn’t justify raising the price of a credit so they just *added* a “general” fee to gloss over what you are actually paying per credit. When I did the math it turns out to be $134 per credit!

Now I see that Rutgers University is raising their tuition, by 8.5%, making it one of the most expensive public universities in the country. Yippee, just when I’m considering transferring there…I just LOVE New Jersey!
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