This Frenchman built a miniature replica of Paris with recycled trash!

My 16 year-old daughter and I are going to Paris in a few weeks. I know it sounds extravagant, but I’ve been saving for 8 years (since my first visit to Paris) for her sixteenth birthday so we could have a special mother/daughter right of passage trip.
So, in preparation for my trip I’ve been reading a lot of French blogs. I have really enjoyed reading international blogs and news, for that matter. I did just finish a year long study of the French language as part of my Liberal Arts degree that I am working towards, so I think I have a modicum grasp of the language so as not to embarrass myself too badly.

My term project for my French class was to make a journal with at least ten articles that were in French that you then translated; looked up words you wanted to learn and then used them in proper sentences. It was very interesting to read what the French speaking newspapers and blogs have to say about our country. Not as bad as you think, but definitely critical about a few things-especially the politics.
Here is one of my favorite French blogs. She has some good ideas if you are planning a trip to Paris.
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