But I’ve been very busy. That’s why posting has been so light. I’ve been busy with errands for my daughters, doctor’s appointments (I’m going to need another operation), working out, shopping and movies 🙂 I’ll try to slog through the comments tonight.
Here’s some quick thoughts on the news of the day:
Bob Beckel is also saying that there is a video of Michelle Obama out there (he wouldn’t say what she said which is smart because if he said it, half the audience would believe it without any proof). I wonder if he’s seen this.

I think Clinton shouldn’t give up until the convention because who knows if the Democrats won’t gave at the first sign of a quagmire and I wonder if this rumor is the opening salvo in the war to take the nomination away from Obama. If she is successful in doing it, I want the Republican party to take some of the cells from her spine and use it to clone one for themselves.
This looks like it’s going to be an interesting news day and I’ll be busy until tonight. Bummer!
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